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How to delegate and not to lose your business?


Hello, dear business owner!

Learn how to delegate and find the time to grow your business. Delegation is not a luxury but a necessity. There is nothing to worry about delegating when you do everything correctly.

Below you can find the most important things to pay attention to.


1. Be a middle specialist in things you are delegating

It is hard to control things, which you do not understand. Spend some time and learn the main things about the process you are going to delegate. Of course, we are talking about some tasks, which require some specific knowledge.

2. Be specific

Provide exact steps in delegated tasks and set particular results which should be achieved. Ask if everything is clear. And also do not ignore the questions.

3. Do not delegate things, which you are the best in

If your business does some unique service and you have clients only because of your experience and knowledge, there is too much risk to lose your clients. For example, if you are a very popular psychologist and many people know your name and search the way to meet you, they will be quite disappointed to see someone else instead of you.

But there is good news for you. You can teach and transfer your knowledge to your team. Then people will trust your team because they will know who teaches them.

4. Checkup, but trust

Check how the work is going on, ask about blocks, leave feedback, analyze parameters. But trust when someone needs to take its own decision. Mistrust and loud critic on the part of the manager cause the subordinates a feeling of uncertainty in their abilities. If you have found some mistakes, do not rush to criticize. Remember the goal of delegating, your critic may cause the situation when your worker will ask for advice or help too often to meet your expectations and won't be able to make decisions by himself.

It was a question of striking the right balance.

5. Invest time correctly

Finally, when all/some part of work is delegated, there are too many temptations to spend all your freed time on entertainments or just sleep, sleep, sleep. You have been working hard and deserve the rest, but if the main goal is to grow your business, remember that most of your freed time is for your business.