WordPress, Google Cloud Storage

How will WP-Stateless benefit your WordPress site?



General information about WP-Stateless – Google Cloud Storage plugin created by Usability Dynamics :


WP-Stateless is a free plugin for WordPress sites, which stores and delivers media files on Google Cloud Storage instead of your server and has native integration between Google Cloud Storage and WordPress. You will need two minutes to finish setting up of the plugin on your site and will be benefitting from serving your media from Google Cloud’s distributed servers.

Here are some reasons why it is better to have WP-Stateless on your site:


1. Image safety

Challenge: Quite often developers face the issue, when images may be lost during the site migration, wrong backup operations or database merging.

Challenge accepted: The Google Cloud Storage service typically stores at least three copies of each piece of the data, all in different places. Probability to lose all your data at once is really very very tiny.

2. Speed

Challenge: Site speed is critical for user engagement and revenue. Poor user experience, such as a slow site can impact your revenue and disserve your business.

Challenge accepted: Google Cloud Storage is geo-redundant, meaning your media is delivered by the closest server – reducing latency and improving page speed.

3. Working on multiple containers

Challenge: Development of the sites has the necessity to scale WordPress across multiple servers. Team members may have their own branches or usually, there are at least 2 sites - development version and production one. 

Challenge accepted: WP-Stateless gives you the opportunity to keep your images from one and the same site, but e.g from different server containers, in one place - in Google Cloud Storage.

4. Space

Challenge: When images are not the last thing on your site and take much place, that's quite burdensome to keep all of them and also all their thumbnails on your server, especially when you have more than 1 version of your site, such as development and live version.

Challenge accepted: WP-Stateless has different modes, the one which the name Stateless, which will store and serve media files with Google Cloud Storage only. Media files are not stored locally in that case. That will free your server from the extra load and give you the ability to save your money from high recurring payments.


As a conclusion, I would like to add that we created this plugin for ourselves to make WordPress sites load faster and keep updating and improving it. It also has compatibility modes with popular WordPress plugins.