What are Digital Logistics?


Gen. Robert H. Barrow, a former Commandant of the Marine Corps, once said:

“Amateurs talk about tactics, but professionals study logistics.”

While many design and engineering firms focus primarily on the engineering aspect, we put as much emphasis into the mechanism for delivering the technology we create, something that is commonly seen as an afterthought, for us is a major area of focus.

Our methodology and what makes us different is actually quite simple and to be summed up in one sentence. We deploy small, often and quick. The rest of our workflow is built up around that capability which we have refined and invested in significantly over the last decade.

Having capability in well-ran "digital logistics" and the logical separation of code, content and media we require in our projects, allows us to have the following competitive advantages:

  • Environment replication allow work to happen away from the live traffic
  • Staging and development environments for multiple simultaneous efforts
  • Multiple production environments allowing us to release without downtime
  • Truly agile project management since our infrastructure is built around GitFlow.
  • Automated quality testing via GhostInspector and quality testing
  • Continuous uptime monitoring via Pingdom lets us check your key content for availability every minute
  • GitHub and Slack for clear communication and planning
  • Google Cloud Engine infrastructure for scaling up and down quickly
  • General team member discipline and coordination

The technology we've created is for helping facilitate multiple micro-deployments delivered throughout the day, instead of having a huge release once per week. We avoid the pattern of deploying rarely because the longer time passes between releases the more risk there is, and it is harder to quantify which change resulted in value being created.

It's also worth noting that to accomplish this almost anybody on the project should be able to make a change, putting up barriers, or letting code simmer in an environment, slows down the process of delivering quickly.

Delivering often and quickly requires the methodology to apply to the work flow as well as have technology that allows this to happen.

We take pride in our digital logistics.